Top 10 Classical Films That Are Worthy of Watching

MopFebruary 6, 2019

You must hear of so many classical films like Father, today I want to recommend you some films that I think are classical.

1.The Shawshank Redemption

The Shawshank Redemption is one of the films that I watch years ago for several times. Even now some scenes of this film still flash in my mind. This film was released in 1994 and directed by Frank Darabont. The theme that covers the whole film is “hope”. The film shows people’s fear of “the passage of time and the transformation of the environment” as individuals through the special background of prison, which forcibly deprives people of freedom and highly emphasizes discipline. We need to admit that most people, like Ellis Boyd (played by Morgan Freeman), would lose themselves since they are conquered by the environment of prison. However, there are some people like Andy Dufresne (played by Tim Robbins), would conquer the fear since they hold the hope no matter in which environment.  Some are getting used to it, and some are holding on their hopes. This is the great point why this film stands out. In prison movies, the film breaks through the limitations of genre films and shows us rare human warmth.

2.Farewell My Concubine

Farewell My Concubine is a classical film from China, released in 1993. The film revolves around the life changes the two Peking Opera actors for half a century, showing the thinking and understanding of traditional Chinese culture, and human nature. In 1993, the film was released in mainland China and Hong Kong. Later, it was released in many countries and regions around the world, and broke the box office record of Chinese mainland literary films in the United States. As a classic work of the Chinese film industry, this film vividly shows the multifaceted and rich characteristics of people in the face of role dislocation and disaster under the background of the profound Peking Opera art. The strength of human nature contained in this film and the wonderful performances of actors and actresses have attracted many audiences around the world.

3.Life Is Beautiful

Life Is Beautiful (La Vita è bella) is an Italy film, made in 1997. The film depicts Guido Orefice’s family’s joys and sorrows in the Nazi concentration camp with black humor, showing Guido’s longing for a beautiful life and his unique optimism in the cruel environment, which saved his son from the persecution of the war. The first half of the film unfolds through Guido’s light-hearted humor, while the second half of the film is quite sad. Unlike previous war movies, this one is a dark comedy that reveals the history of World War II from an unconventional perspective. Personally, besides war, I think love is another important theme of this film, from which, we can feel Guido’s complete love for his wife and son. This makes us think more deeply about war, which requires us to pay much higher price than what we can imagine.

4. 3 idiots

Then, I want to talk about an Indian Film, 3 idiots, released in 2009 and directed by Rajkumar Hirani. This can be regarded as the most successful and popular Indian film in recent years. I have watched this film at least four times. Each time, I can find out different theme from this film. Most people like to regard this film as a criticism for the rigid education system in Indian. For me, I more like to think this is a film that teaches us to think about our life rather than money or reputation. I like one sentence from the film: “If you follow your dreams, the money success will follow you!”  Since this film is a comedy, you will also feel happy when watching it.


Hachi is a very moving film and this is also one of my favorite movies. Every time, I watch it, tears run out of my eyes. When I am getting older, I have no courage to watch it since I am afraid of the impressive shots. The story of this film is based on a true story set in Japan in 1925. The film was first released on August 8, 2009 in Japan, the home of the original story. As far as the movie is concerned, this is the best story about people and animals. But the theme of this film is more than it, we can feel the relationship between the character and the god is more like friends. Although this film does not have special effects, the moving plots can make you feel impressive. This is a wonderful movie for you to feel the love between animals and humans.


Intouchables is not so famous like the above films, but this France film is worth watching. A sentence came into my mind after watching this film “Individuals are simple, but the society is too complex.” The film tells the story of a black man from a French slum, Deris, who wants to go to the government welfare and applied for a full-time care of a rich white aristocrat. This a polarizing drama, with contrasting elements of white and black, rich and poor, but the archetype of the story really lives on. You might have your understandings of this story after watching it.


Then, I would like to address the love film of Titanic, released on December 19, 1997 in the United States. Even though this love story does not seem perfect since Jack died in the end of the film, it leaves impressive effects on a great number of people about love. For most of people, I believe that Titanic has always been one of the best romantic films in their minds. Since this is such a romantic, you need to watch so that you can feel better about the love between Rose and Jack.

8.Life of Pi

Life of Pi is a 3D adaptation of Yann Martel’s 2001 novel of the same name. People say the film industry is in decline. But movies like Life of PI prove that miracles can still be done. This film is about the story of a young boy and a tiger. However, in fact, the director explains a word that we live. In the end of the film, the young boy told others two stories; one is the story that he fight with animals, the other is that he fight with other people in the boat. We are more likely to believe the former since it is hard for us to believe the human nature. It is true that we need to have hope for human nature, but we also need to know human nature so that we can live in this cruel world. If you have time, I hope you watch several times for this film so that you can have different understandings about the plots, special effects and the behind story that the director wants to tell us.

9.The Lives of Others

The Lives of Others (Das Leben der Anderen) is a German film, released in 2006. This film is the first feature-length film of Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck (director). It is in East Germany in 1984 that Stasi Hauptmann Gerd Wiesler (Ulrich Mühe), code name HGW XX/7 is order to spy a playwright, Gerog Dreyman. During the spy, HGW XX/7 changes his position since he finds out the real situation of the government officer, who uses the power to hurt the victims. HGW XX/7 is an expert in the dark and lonely world of eavesdropping. Although highly professional, he still has all the good, beautiful spiritual qualities. Fundamentally, he was given the task of eavesdropping because of his professional sensitivity. However, at least, he was moved by the talents, actions and conscience of the playwright. So, this is a film that explains the kindness of human nature under extreme social context of the 1990s.

10.Schindler’s List

Schindler’s List is a 1993 film, directed by Steven Allan Spielberg. The film represents the true history of Oskar Schindler, a German entrepreneur, and his wife, Emily Schindler, who used their fortune to protect more than 1,200 Jews from fascism during World War II. This film lasts 195 minutes, which contains so many contents of the fascism and Jews in the war. The film is a black-and-white movie, and the little young girl who wears the red coat is the only color in this movie. Although the introspection of World War II has never stopped, once you are in it, you will be more sober because of the goodness and meanness of human nature. Every time I watch this movie, I’m struck by Spielberg’s hidden scenes and detail. We miss Schindler, regardless of party, national boundaries and race, just for the love and honesty in his soul.